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A delicious encounter between two chics: heritage and industrial. Pared-back, with traditional references, this look delivers quiet sophistication – delicate, but functional without compromise. It dares you to get creative with colour, while promising refinement and subtlety.

Despite the softness of the pastels, this is a hard-working, industrial design for the modern age. This in-frame cabinetry with delicate frame, is usually paired with classic Shaker doors, but here, is paired with flat, slab doorfrontals - for a modern twist on the traditional. The grid based design is everything. Exposed shelving allows expression, enforces order, while keeping everything to hand.


Such strength of structure leaves you to play with softer colours and contrasts. Pastel hues underscore the vintage feel - but you can also balance and ground them with smoky shades straight from a modern palette. This is pretty alternative to a grey or light-neutral kitchen. Traditional touches are at home here: a free-standing island, metro tiling, and classic marbled surfaces.

A refined blend of heritage and industrial design. This look is yours, to take as edgy, or keep as simple as you want.


Handles, with tactile knurling, also provide a refined, unexpected texture, admist the sleek, glossy finishes. Inset appliances and hidden pull-outs, make the most of every inch. Splashbacks can also double as shelving, and shallow spaces at island-ends can accomodate handy storage racks or rails.

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