Real Life Kitchens - Creating Liza's Colourful Space

In the vibrant, fast-paced heart of London, Liza Wöstmann was looking for a fun, characterful design to bring life to her kitchen.

We interviewed Life expert designer, Daniela, to discuss the project...

Daniela, could you tell us a little bit about the client's property?

"Liza's home is a beautiful 1950's property in the heart of London, just a short walk away from Kings Cross Station. When she bought the house, Liza inherited a compact and cosy kitchen but it just didn't reflect her personality. She was eager to play around with the style and make it her own.

"I loved working to completely transform the space for such a fun lady!"

What were the main requests the client had for her kitchen design?

"Liza wanted a space that was functional yet vibrant, using colour to bring life to the room and create a fun place to cook and dine.

"As the room is compact, it was also important to Liza that the design maximised storage possibilities, making the most of the footprint."

Which style did you choose for the kitchen design?

"We opted for a modern twist on a traditional design, using a contemporary slab door with a classic in-frame design- a mixture of modern and traditional to reflect the character of the home and Liza's unique style.

"Dry Rose, our playful pink shade was perfect for bringing the element of fun to the kitchen that was so important to Liza, and we paired this with a striking, industrial knurled handle to bring the look together."

What storage did you incorporate in to the kitchen?

"Storage was key to making the most of this compact space. We decided to use the LeMans corner unit solution from our storage partners Kesseböhmer, to allow that tricky corner space to be utilised. This gave Liza a great, easily accessible pull-out system to store her larger pots and pans on, so they will never be lost in the dark depths of the corner cupboard again!

"For the storage of crockery and other kitchen essentials, we used drawer inserts from our partners at Konfigure to keep everything organised and practically accessible.

"We also created a sleek storage unit to house the fridge freezer, which carries our design through into the small utility room to the side of the main space."

What would be your advice be to those with a compact space when planning their new kitchen?

"I would say not to worry- here at Life Kitchens we have an abundance of clever storage solutions available to maximise your space and to improve functionality.

"Being daring can pay off, and in this case, the dry rose has definitely brought a super chic touch to the kitchen. I love how we've paired it with a veined Strata Perlatino worksurface, industrial-style knurled handles and natural linen tiling for a striking look. The combination of colours and materials is a statement that just works perfectly."

Have you been inspired by Liza's kitchen? Would you like Daniela, or another of our Life expert designers to bring your kitchen dreams to life?

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