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A dark, modular, wraparound design. Monolithic, as if cut from a single block. Simple and exposed, uniform geometrics create a no-nonsense space designed to support a busy lifestyle, with everything kept at hand.

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Highly structured, unadorned and industrial - almost engineered. Smooth, matte doors in regular verticals and strong horizontals, lend themselves to this modular simplicity. As an alternative to black, graphite cabinetry softens this dark on dark layering. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling cabinets, with seamlessly integrated appliances, make this design ideal for both compact and more open plan spaces.

Personalised Modernism

A short run of cabinets in a different style and tone, such as woodgrain, can add variety without departing from the general impression.  Modernism can be personalised by displaying your collected and curated items. Exposed shelving is ideal for those bits and pieces you either need close to hand or want to have on show.

Strong and structured, a modern space for life on the go. Everything is comfortably within reach; nothing is out of place.

Geometric Detailing

Geometrics are deliberately emphasised with contrasting lipped handles. You'll also find geometry echoed in the windowpanes and floor tiles, the integrated ovens, even down to the cross-hatched granite worksurfaces. The visual interest here ensures that this look stops well short of minimalism.

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