Kitchen Features - The Beauty in Open and Glazed Display Shelving

Friday, December 11, 2020

Display shelving, whether open or nestled behind a glazed door, has always been a timeless feature in kitchen design. In fact, open shelving actually predates the appearance of cabinets as we know them today, as part of the eclectic mix of freestanding furniture that typically made up a kitchen in the days before fitted designs. The love for display shelving has returned in recent years and is now rooted firmly in quality kitchen design, bringing a traditional yet timeless character to a space and allowing an injection of unique flair through styling.

Whether you prefer an open design, or are drawn to the refined, partially concealed look of a glazed display cabinet, shelving offers you the opportunity to introduce accessories that piece together your ideal kitchen atmosphere- creating a truly original, tailored space.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is the perfect feature for displaying and organising your treasured possessions for all to see. However, if you're looking to start afresh when accessorising your design, shelving can also present the opportunity to invest in new pieces, such as art or carefully curated kitchenware, to create a desired aesthetic. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to experiment until you find the style that's unique to your tastes and lifestyle.

Equally suited to traditional and contemporary kitchens, at Life we can create open shelving in an abundance of striking styles, from simplistic, wooden shelves for a rustic mood (as shown above in our Relaxed look), to modular designs that add a linear sophistication to an industrial kitchen (as shown below in our Structured look).

In terms of kitchen practicality, open shelving is perfect for displaying your regularly used items so that they are readily accessible when preparing food or serving. Whether this is plates and glasses, jars of herbs, or small kitchen appliances, having them within reaching distance from functional worksurfaces will enable an efficient cooking environment.

Open shelving can allude to more space, helping to prevent an 'enclosed' feeling in a smaller footprint.If your kitchen is compact, combining open shelving with closed cabinets can be beneficial for emphasising a spacious feeling and creating the perfect balance.

Glazed display shelving

Glazed cabinets are a beautiful alternative to open shelving if you aren't looking to fully commit to an open aesthetic. They create the same break from continuous closed cabinets and offer an equal opportunity for a tailored display, with your prized possessions behind an elegant glass-fronted door for a classic, refined look.

For a large kitchen footprint, glazed doors help to add a luxurious depth and interest to your design, especially when paired with warm-toned internal lighting, to create ambience and illuminate your kitchen wares and specially selected items. On the other hand, glazed doors can maximise light in a compact kitchen, bringing life to dark corners and creating an illusion of increased space.

Whether you choose to have cabinetry as part of your wall units, as a feature-end to your kitchen island, or as an exquisite stand-alone piece (as shown above with our Cranbourne feature cabinet), you can choose from a selection of stunning glass finishes to complement your glazed display doors and kitchen style,from rich bronzed tones, through to classic crystal-clear, to on trend fluted designs. Our expert designers will work with you to craft a truly unique design to suit your personal tastes, your space and your lifestyle.

Have we inspired you to consider open or glazed display shelving for your upcoming kitchen design?

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